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New to Yoga or iGita? 

Whether you are new to yoga, or new to iGita, we encourage you to take a look at our class descriptions via the link when you register for a class and speak with our knowledgeable staff about what would be an appropriate starting point for you. We also have an ongoing Foundations of Yoga workshop that is great for all levels of student.

You may have a singular goal to get in shape and shed some pounds, but you’ll soon discover an experience that goes beyond a workout. Yoga is a life-long practice of continual self-discovery; not just exercise for the physical body. It is a system of natural healing and a tool that can be used to obtain physical, emotional and spiritual health.

There are many different styles of yoga, (by some accounts, 200+!) ranging from very dynamic and athletic, to slow and gentle, and everything else in-between.

A wise guru once said, “saying you don’t like yoga is like saying you don’t like music!”.

iGita offers a variety of styles to choose from. All yoga is is good yoga; and the good news is, they have similar benefits and results. Whether it is your first class or you’ve been doing it for years, we promise you’ll find a class that is right for you.

Etiquette & Guidelines for Practice 

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the start of your class so that you can get settled in a relaxed manner.
  • respectfully remove your shoes at the front door and place them in a cubby.
  • be well hydrated. i.e. drink lots the day before you practice. Drinking right before the class doesn't help much,  especially before a hot class
  • please put your devices on silent and refrain from speaking on the phone within the studio.
  • please observe silence in the classroom, before and after the class. This is a time for quiet reflection and  meditation.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne
  • whenever possible, we encourage pre-registration for your classes, to avoid being turned away and disappointed  when the class is full.


iGita Yoga Classes 

The term Hatha is broadly referring to all the physical practices of yoga. On iGita’s schedule, there are 3 classifications of yoga classes: Vinyasa, Hatha, or Flow/flo. For ease of understanding, we have included the label in the name of the class. For example, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hot CoreFlo

Hatha:  iGita's Hatha Yoga Classes follow a traditional format; focusing on alignment, breath work, as well as strengthening, toning, and lengthening of the muscles. Poses may be held for 20 secs - one minute, allowing the teacher enough time to give clear instruction, to demonstrate and to move around the room giving hands-on adjustments. Sequences of similar poses are typically “countered” immediately; i.e.  backbending is followed by a forward bending, a twist to the right is followed by a twist to the left, etc.

Hatha classes area good place to start and suitable for all levels.



The Sanskrit term vinyasa is used to define a specific sequence of breathe-synchronized movements.  In a Vinyasa class you can expect to move through several Sun Salutations and what is commonly referred to as a vinyasa ‘A’, between sustained postures. The vinyasa “A” includes: low plank (bent elbows), upward facing dog and downward facing dog.

This class is recommended for  the active beginner through to advanced students of yoga. Classes that include the term “vinyasa”  may not be suitable for people who have difficulty bearing weight on their arms (carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, etc.) Because of the dynamic pace of the class, it may be challenging for the beginner who’s led a sedentary lifestyle in recent years.


Flow: Flow classes are a modern style of sequencing and typically will move from one pose to the next without necessarily offering an immediate counter pose or neutral resting position. This means that you could do 5 or 6 poses all on the right side before doing the left. Flow classes can be a lot of fun as the teacher has great freedom to create interesting sequences that are are always new and fresh.


Other Styles:

Yin: is a specific approach to yoga that works on a very deep level to awaken the connective tissue of your body, also known as fascia. Studies have shown that it’s not just muscles that need conditioning as we age; connective tissue also needs a “work out” to avoid the hardening and stiffening that takes place in our bodies as we get older. Longer holds in stillness work the deep layers of connective tissue that hardens whenever we engage in vigorous physical activity. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to any active yang style practice as well as athletic disciplines such as running, skiing, bicycling and team sports.  Guaranteed, you will leave feeling grounded and deeply relaxed.

Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga is devoted to deep relaxation, and classes typically include six to ten floor poses held passively with the help of yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, sandbags, straps, eye pillows, and blocks. Support and Comfort are key. This style of yoga is extremely gentle and restful, and as the name implies, restores and rejuvenates mind, body & spirit.

Suitable for all levels.


Yang/ Yin:  Yang has the attributes of the masculine, muscular, active, quick moving hot solar energy. Yin's attributes are feminine, quiet, still, soft, and cooling lunar energy. In a Yang Yin class we bring these two complementary forces into one practice.

The heat-building, blood-pumping, strengthening "Yang" side of the practice is balanced with its opposite, the essence of Yin which induces restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation. Expect to work up a sweat for the first half of the class and then to move into deep stretches focusing on the connective tissues surrounding the hips, pelvis and lower back, shoulders and spine.

Suitable for all levels.

For more information, while viewing the class schedule,  you can click on the name of the class and you will get a full description of the class and a better idea of what to expect and whether or not it is suitable for you.