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Schedule copy

PLEASE NOTE the following very important information: 

  • Pre-registration is required for ALL Pilates reformer classes. Some other classes also require pre-registration. This is indicated with a PR beside the name of the class.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any class that has zero or low registration 12-24 hours before scheduled start time. Best to email us if you need clarification or confirmation of a class. Rarely, we do have to cancel classes due to not having a suitable substitute for an instructor if the regular instructor will be absent. Students will be notified by email or telephone whenever possible.
  • If the 'sign-up' button is absent, it means the class is full
  • Please add your name to the 'wait list' whenever the class is showing reserved; people often cancel. This way you will be automatically added when space opens up and you will receive an email to that effect.
  • You may filter your search for classes by CLASS styles, PROGRAMS, INSTRUCTOR  or LEVEL. While browsing, you may bounce between the different programs. When you go back to the main schedule it may default to the last program you just looked at. Be sure you are viewing ALL PROGRAMS if you can't find the class you are looking for.