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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done yoga before and I'm not sure which class I can go to.

All of our classes are open and accessible to beginners. However, you will need to consider your current level of fitness, and how refined your listening skills are! Our instructors give ample instruction and cues to get you into the poses, but in most case cases give very little physical demonstration. Therefor you are relying on the audio cues from the instructor and the visuals from the people practicing around you. The Yoga Styles and classes can vary greatly from a very active, dynamic class performing 60 poses or more, to a more passive, static class with less then 10! Be sure to click on the name of the classes when you visit our schedule to get a better idea of what to expect from a class.

Alternatively, there is an awesome series for beginners we call Yoga 101. Highly recommended for all yogis new to the practice. It is taught in a very relaxed, worksop style class, with ample opportunities to have all your questions answered. We discuss etiquette, expectations, and alignment principles in detail throughout the 6 session course. If you have mobility issues or an injury it is a great class to learn modifications. Look for it on our class schedule. It is ideal to start at the beginning, but you are welcome to do it in any order, and repeat as many times as you want.

Do I need to pre-register for my classes?

Pre-registration is not mandatory. We leave room for drop-in visits in most of the classes on our schedule. However, we do greatly appreciate it when you sign into class ahead of time, and it is in your best interest. Some classes have limited registration and we don't want you to be disappointed by arriving to a class that is already full.

We try our best to maintain positive energy in the studio. One of the ways we can achieve this is by accurately preparing for the number of attendees. We provide mat and towel service so that you may enter the room and lay down on your mat and relax or meditate before class begins without the disruption of people trying to find a space for their mat.

Will I be charged if I sign up but don’t make it to my class?

Not in the case of a regular class. . However, in the case of spin or TRX classes, we would appreciate it if you cancelled your reservation either online or via text message. Frequent occurrences of being a “no-show” may result in your ability to pre-register in the future. Pilates Equipment Classes require 24hrs notice of cancellation. You may be charged if we are unable to fill your spot.

I've been to the studio before, but I'm having trouble registering online.

There are several possibilities for this. Sometimes we enter data from your waiver form incorrectly (typos or a problem with legibility) and then the software has trouble recognizing you. DO NOT try to create an account on your own. Instead, search for yourself using the email you provided us or the 4 or 5 digit number on the back of your ID card. Creating a duplicate account will also cause problems and will ask you to purchase something before you will be able to register even if you have an existing pass. If this happens, just drop-in to your class and let the staff know there is an issue with your account. Be sure to email if you are attending a class with a limited class size or one that looks like it is going to fill up. You can see on the schedule how many spots are left for a class. It is very rare that we have to turn people away, but it has happened.

What will happen if I'm late for class?

If you haven't signed in 5 minutes before your scheduled class begins, we will no longer hold your reservation. That means if the class is full your spot may be given to a standby student. If you arrive after the class begins and there is still an empty mat or room for your own, it will be up to the discretion of the teacher. Some instructors welcome late comers, while others steadfastly refuse to allow them in. It's a gamble, so you should do your best to arrive on time!

Can I use my own mat?

Yes of course you may! Simply place your mat on top of ours or move ours out of the way. You can move ours to the side or hand it to a staff member. There is usually a staff member or instructor in the room before the class starts who can assist you. Our mats are high quality, and are disinfected with Benefect (a hospital grade, botanical product) after each use; but this doesn't negate the attachment that most yogis feel to toward their own mat over a long standing practice. We totally respect this choice.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend a water bottle. Don't forget indoor runners if you are doing a spin class. The rest of the classes are done barefoot, so for this reason iGita is a "barefoot" facility. You will be required to take your outdoor shoes off in the reception area. Some people bring flip-flops. We do our best to keep the floors clean, but in the winter, salt makes a big mess and we don't always catch newcomers who aren't aware of the rules.

I was told that my unlimited class pass will start on the date of my first class, and yet it shows my pass expiring (or expired).

Yes, this will automatically adjust the first time you sign into a class. If it has already expired, we may need to re-activate it manually. Just send an email and we will do this for you. iGita@omlife.ca

My class passes have expired. WIll you extend the expiry date for me?

We are happy to extend the expiry day for you as long as you haven’t been inactive for more than 6 months.. Emailing us is the best way to have the date adjusted. iGita@omlife.ca

I have tried to call the studio several times and nobody answers. Why doesn't anybody answer the phone?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of calls we get everyday, answering the phone is a full time job. We've found that the phone is a big distraction for our staff and answering it can negatively affect the quality of service we provide to the students visiting our studio. All inquiries should be sent to info@myigita.com. Emails are usually responded to in a timely manner. If you can't find your answers on this page or elsewhere on the site, and you feel the matter is time sensitive and can't wait, you may call or text the number that is provided on the answering machine.

I just purchased a Groupon and I don't know how to register for a class. What do I do?

You will have to come into the studio to register your Groupon Coupon. There is no need to make a special trip; just come to your first class 30 minutes early. This will allow you the time necessary to find parking, fill out a liability waiver, pay the taxes, get your ID tag, and get acquainted with the studio before your class. Some classes have limited registration, such as Spin, so you should email the studio at iGita@omlife.ca in advance to make sure we reserve your bike.