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Ayurvedic Spa Draft


Indian Head Massage

Shiro-Abhyanga is an Indian Head Massage practiced for over 5,000 years. Our modern approach to this ancient healing practice will take place in an aromatic and candle lit room. Your therapist will incorporate the application of warm luxurious oils to the scalp, hair, arms, upper chest and back. Oils are selected according to your Ayurvedic profile and provides an optimal treatment that brings shine, health and strength to your hair. Specific massage movements will be used to sooth the nervous system and will help you journey into a state of complete relaxation and calm. Massage on vital Marma points will remove energy blockages and will sustain the flow of energy through out the body with the added benefit of reduced muscle stiffness in the upper back, neck, jaw and face. Your treatment will conclude with facial cleanse using ayurvedic skin care products suitable for all skin types. Experience this deeply rejuvenating treatment that will allow you to transcend into a meditative state and promote optimal health through stress reduction, detoxification, grounding and balance.



Rooted in the ancient beauty practices of India, discover a transformative and nourishing experience that enhances beauty through deep relaxation. Drift off to soothing music as you experience an exotically fragrant journey that smooths away fine lines and wrinkles. This healing practice will rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s glow through Ayurvedic techniques that support lymph, blood and energetic flow. Collagen production will be increased through botanical exfoliation, Marma Point therapy, Kansa Wand Massage and freshly made organic masks. Warm aromatic oils will be used to massage the arms, hands and back. Each treatment is tailored to meet your own Ayurvedic profile and is suited for mature skin or for those who want a preventative approach to skin care.



Shirodhara means “flowing stream” in Sanskrit and is an ancient ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment that has been practiced for over 2000 years in India. Set in a comfortable and tranquil environment, you will be cocooned under comfy blankets and your head will positioned under an oil fountain. Warm floral waters and aromatic oils will be combined in a copper vase and a slow gentle pouring of the oil with be mindfully directed over the third eye (or Ajna Marma). The process is gentle and the application is mindful. The flow in a continuous, soothing …rhythmic and will transport you to a place of inner calm.This profoundly relaxing experience assists in awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge, decreases anxiety and improves mental focus by calming the nervous system. An ideal treatment for high levels of mental stress or anyone seeking to rest, recover and restore.



Discover a tranquil experience through healing hands of your therapist. Leave stress behind with an ancient healing method that activates the body’s natural self-curative abilities. This treatment will begin with the application of oils to warm the body, relax muscle tension and begin to open the energy channels. Your therapist will work on marma points and energic lines within the body in order to free stagnated energy and balance the vital life forces of the body. Through the power of touch, you’ll experience a result-oriented treatment that has many benefits.


Foot Bath & Treatment

Rejuvenate sore and tired feet through a uniquely pampering experience only offered at iGita. A deeply soothing treatment begins with a foot soak in warm rose waters, Himalayan Sea Salts and peppermint essential oils to alleviate stiffness and fatigue. A freshly ground ginger mask is applied to promote better circulation and reduce inflammation. Sit back and discover the wonders of an organic sugar and lavender exfoliation to reduce coarseness and bring back skin suppleness. Your therapist will massage your feet and legs with warm oils infused with ylang ylang and geranium to uplift energy in the entire body and will conclude with a cleanup of nails and cuticles. A light coloured polish may also be applied if desired. Pamper this deserving part of the body and leave feeling peaceful, uplifted and reconnected to the earth.


Facial + Head Massage

Combine the healing effects of both the Indian Head Massage with an Ayurvedic facial treatment in one service. A pampering experience that will leave you released and rebalanced.


Hot Shila Abhyanga

Hot Shila Abhyanga or Hot Stone massage uses the healing properties of basalt volcanic rocks to create a restorative massage experience that melts away tension. The stones magnetic properties create a sedating experience for the nervous system by grounding the body and balancing vata energy to guide you into a peaceful and tranquil state. The body is oiled to dissolve stress and open up the marma points. Become engulfed in the sensation of comfort and warmth as the stones are placed on pressure points and firmly glided over the oiled muscles to induce deep relaxation. An over-active mind will be easily calmed and the circulatory and lymphatic systems will be stimulated, toxins released and the skin gently exfoliated. Enjoy the serenity and healing effects of a treatment that uses the earth’s tools to sooth the body, mind and heart.


Hot & Cold Jade Stone Abhyanga

Discover a blissful body experience with our Hot and Cold Jade Stone massage. This ancient healing art will take you on a tranquil and invigorating journey. The healing hands of the therapist and the powerful healing properties of the jade stone will melt away tension and awaken subtle energies to revive a radiant you. Alternating between warm and cool stone temperatures is a thermotherapeutic approach that stimulates and assists your circulatory system, releases toxins, and reduces inflammation to assist in tissue healing and relaxation. Slow down the aging process and strengthen the body’s natural defenses by bringing your body back to a state of equilibrium. Exhale and unwind and let our therapist pamper you with invigorating massage that promotes relaxation and vitality.



Experience a dynamic healing modality that successfully integrates traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques with the knowledge of contemporary reflexology. Relax and inhale the uplifting fragrant aromas of essential oils in the serenity of a comforting and tranquil treatment room. This treatment will focus on the feet, hands, ears and face and will begin with an oil massage in these localized areas to stimulate the flow of prana. The therapist’s sensitive trained hands will detect tiny deposits and imbalances and will clear channels of blocked energy. Stimulation of targeted pressure points will encourage the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses that will fortify overall health and wellbeing. Relax, recharge and treat yourself to a healing experience that will restore equilibrium and harmony in the body.